An Holistic View of Asset Evaluation

An Holistic View of Asset Evaluation

16th September 2016

Drew Powell, GCA's Global Director of Operations, presented to the London Section of the SPE this week.

He reviewed the overall Asset Evaluation Process and Purpose and provided an understanding on why an holistic approach in terms of disciplines is needed in the oil and gas Asset Evaluation Process.  The resulting talk included the following topics: 

     - Why and how is an Asset Evaluated?

     - What are the primary drivers of an Evaluation Process?

     - Why the surface risks/uncertainties are as important as subsurface risks/uncertainties.

     - Review of some tangible examples.

Drew's presentation is available for download by following this link:  GCA_Holistic_View_Asset_Evaluation.pdf  or you can read it online below: 


An Holistic View of Asset Evaluation

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