Project Experience Brochures

Project Experience Brochures

GCA has a tremendous breadth and depth of experience gathered over decades of project work, although by nature, much of this work is Confidential.

However, links to public summaries of some of GCA's more recent activities are available for you below, to indicate the range of work which can be undertaken by any of the offices.  

These 'Experts' brochures are grouped by geographic region and petroleum industry discipline. Alternatively browse the relevant links to the right for More Insight from GCA on these regions or disciplines:   

Geographic Regions


      Experts in North Africa                                   Experts in East Africa            

      Experts in West Africa                                    Experts in Nigeria

      Experts in Egypt


      Experts in Mexico                                           Experts in Brazil

      Experts in American Energy                           Experts in the Business of Energy (Spanish)

      Experts in Unconventional in Argentina

   China and Asia-Pacific

      Experts in India                                               Experts in the Business of Energy (Mandarin)


      Experts in North West Europe                        Experts in the North Sea

      Experts in Norway                                          Experts in the Business of Energy (Spanish)

   Middle East

      Experts in the Middle East                              Experts in the Middle East - Iraq

      Experts in the Business of Energy (Arabic)

   Russia & Caspian

      Experts in the Caspian                                  Experts in Kazakhstan

      Experts in Russia                                          Experts in Russia (Russian)

      Experts in the Business of Energy (Russian)

Business of Oil and Gas

      Experts in the Business of Energy 

      Carbon Management

      Due Diligence for Asset or Corporate Acquistion and Project Finance

      Field Unitisation and Redetermination (U&R)

      Integrated Reservoir Modelling

      Mature Fields Optimisation

      Mergers and Acquisitions

      Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Services

      Project Investment Risk Management

      Reserves and Resources Estimation

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