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  • Experts in India

    Experts in India

    7th April 2017

    GCA has undertaken, and continues to undertake, a wide range of projects in India over a period of more than 30 years serving a wide range of local and international clients from oil and gas companies to national oil companies, banks, service companies and international financial organisations. The scope of these projects has been very diverse including upstream exploration portfolio management and bid round support, technical field and development studies, gas and refinery market studies, corporate strategy, legal dispute advice and a number of Reserve and Resource audits/evaluations and Competent Person Reports (CPR).
    In addition, GCA has supported Indian organisations growing overseas.

    To download this brochure as a PDF please click here or in the sidebar (472 KB).

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  • Interesting times for gas in China

    Interesting times for gas in China

    21st February 2017

    GCA's Nick Fulford and Ryan Pereira published a fascinating article in this month's Interfax Online (Global Gas Analytics and Natural Gas Daily) looking at the pivotal impact of the Chinese gas market in terms of emerging trends, challenges and opportunities.

    You can read the article on the Interfax site here, or it is reproduced in its entirety below. 

    Nick and Ryan are always available to discuss Gas and LNG in general, and have been particularly occupied lately with price reviews and arbitrations, M&A work and wider gas strategy.  Their contact details are at the foot of the article.  For other China enquiries you may wish to contact GCA's Singapore office

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  • The Power of the Customer: the New Byword for LNG

    The Power of the Customer: the New Byword for LNG

    6th October 2016

    Continuing their long relationship with the Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT), GCA is pleased to share this special article published in the June edition of PTIT Focus.  It was written by our own Nick Fulford and Ryan Pereira of GCA's Gas & LNG Team.

    You can view the full article on the Petroleum Institute of Thailand website here, or download a copy of the article here.

    Further related articles are planned so keep following the activities of both PTIT and also GCA's busy Gas & LNG team.  Several more of GCA's Gas & LNG articles are available through the "More Insight" links to the right of this page. 

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  • LNG pricing - all change!

    21st July 2016

    One of the most popular articles in this week's Interfax Global Energy has been the following article from GCA's Global Gas & LNG Practice.

    Changes in LNG pricing - with sellers under pressure, and buyers gaining power, what it could mean for Asia is assessed in this contributed feature from Nicholas Fulford and Ryan Pereira of GCA.

    Either read the article on the Interfax website here or below, or download a copy here.

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  • The Use of Net Pay Concepts in the Exploitation of Shale-Gas Deposits

    The Use of Net Pay Concepts in the Exploitation of Shale-Gas Deposits

    14th June 2016

    Unconventional reservoirs present many technical challenges to those charged with quantifying reservoir character and performance (Bust, Majid, Oletu & Worthington 2013).  One of these challenges concerns the identification of net pay.  The role of net pay in unconventional reservoirs continues to evolve as a design criterion for reservoir stimulation and well completions. Unlike conventional reservoirs, shale-gas development is not yet at the stage where longstanding net-pay protocols have been tried and tested.  Therefore, any protocol has to be regarded as being at a pilot stage, especially in view of the complexity of shale-gas systems. 

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  • New role for GCA in the Singapore Exchange

    29th April 2016

    GCA can report that  Mr Doug Peacock (a Technical Director) has recently taken up a role as  a member of the Singapore Exchange (SGX) Mineral, Oil and Gas Working Group. This follows the retirement of his colleague, Mr Tony Harrison.  The purpose of the group is to review the listing rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) relating to the mineral, oil and gas (MOG) industry. The working group comprises of MOG specialists from various sectors, including listed issuers, technical experts and corporate finance advisers. The working group will meet quarterly over the course of this year and will examine the listing rules holistically, with a view to benchmarking against international standards, and will incorporate feedback from industry participants on potential areas for improvement.

    GCA is proud to continue to serve as  a participant in such an important endeavour.

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  • Experts in the Business of Energy (Mandarin 能源领域的专家)

    Experts in the Business of Energy (Mandarin 能源领域的专家)

    22nd April 2016

    For over 50 years, Gaffney, Cline & Associates' involvement in projects has spanned the entire oil and gas industry lifecycle; upstream, midstream and downstream.

    The list of Gaffney, Cline & Associates' clients is equally diverse and includes major and independent oil companies, national oil companies, government ministries and lending/investment institutions.

    Read on for more information or to download this brochure as a pdf please click here or in the sidebar (1.4 MB).

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  • Gas Markets and Thailand

    1st January 2016

    GCA's Head of Global Gas and LNG presented to an audience in Thailand about "How the Rapid Evolution of Natural Gas Hub Pricing is Fuelling Global Gas Market Growth".  

    Nick considered in particular the impact on South East Asia, and Thailand in particular.  

    You can download the content of Nick's presentation in the form of an article from the website of the Petroleum Institute of Thailand who organised the event.

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  • All Change for LNG!  The Energy Market Reform Train Arrives in Japan

    All Change for LNG!  The Energy Market Reform Train Arrives in Japan

    14th July 2015

    With the focus on greenfield LNG, the oil price collapse, and the imminent arrival of US imports, it’s easy to think that all the action in Asia Pacific LNG is on the supply side.  However, global gas markets these days are all about the value chain where developments at the burner tip are just as important as those at the wellhead.

    This was the theme of a high profile event hosted by Gaffney, Cline & Associates on 2nd July in the sumptuous surroundings of the British Ambassador’s Residence in Tokyo, where the changes occurring in the Japanese Gas and Power markets, as a result of Prime Minister Abe’s restructuring initiatives, were discussed and debated.  The seminar, co-hosted by elite global law firm Allen & Overy, focused on how customer anxiety in the face of high electricity prices, government concerns over global competitiveness and a major shift in LNG supply/demand balance was creating the same “Trinity for Change” that characterised periods of major transformation in the UK in the 1990s and in the US and Canada in the decade before that.

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  • Shell - BG; Does This Create the “Perfect Storm” for Asia Pacific?

    Shell - BG; Does This Create the “Perfect Storm” for Asia Pacific?

    13th April 2015

    I am sure many of Gaffney, Cline & Associates' clients will have read a great deal by now on the proposed Shell/BG transaction, especially given its magnitude and scope.  What has attracted less attention is the role that this consolidation may have in advancing some of the innovation and change in the Asia-Pacific LNG market, that has already gathered a great deal of momentum.

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  • The Outlook for LNG Supply to Asia

    The Outlook for LNG Supply to Asia

    10th December 2014

    In December 2014, Lalitha Seelam of GCA attended the International Petroleum Technology Conference in Kuala Lumpur where she gave a presentation on The Outlook for LNG Supply to Asia.

    You can download the presentation here as a pdf (2MB), or view the full presentation by clicking below.

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  • Exports or Imports – The Future of Asian Refining

    Exports or Imports – The Future of Asian Refining

    1st January 2014

    The Asia-Pacific region has traditionally been a major importer of refined products.  However, thanks to almost 12 million barrels per day (MMbpd) of refining capacity added since 1995, the region now has surplus distillate and gasoline production.  Yet, despite apparently plentiful supplies in the region, many countries are still planning additional capacity.  

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