Russia & Caspian

Russia & Caspian

  • Experts in the Business of Energy (Russian русский)

    Experts in the Business of Energy (Russian русский)

    1st December 2016

    For over 50 years, Gaffney, Cline & Associates' involvement in projects has spanned the entire oil and gas industry lifecycle; upstream, midstream and dowstream.

    The list of Gaffney, Cline & Associates' clients is equally diverse and includes major and independent oil companies, national oil companies, government ministries and lending/investment institutions.  

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  • Experts in Russia

    Experts in Russia

    29th August 2016

    GCA has a long track-record of projects in Russia and includes numerous Russian-speaking staff.

    In 2016 there is significant appetite amongst Russian E&P companies to purchase additional core assets. Similarly, the sale of non-core and low profit assets are seen as critical to portfolio management for 25% of Russian companies.

    GCA has a wealth of experience in Mergers and Acquisition due diligence in Russia for a wide range of institutions including Energy Majors, Independents, National Oil Companies, and for the purposes of reserves based lending for Financial Institutions.

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  • LNG pricing - all change!

    21st July 2016

    One of the most popular articles in this week's Interfax Global Energy has been the following article from GCA's Global Gas & LNG Practice.

    Changes in LNG pricing - with sellers under pressure, and buyers gaining power, what it could mean for Asia is assessed in this contributed feature from Nicholas Fulford and Ryan Pereira of GCA.

    Either read the article on the Interfax website here or below, or download a copy here.

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  • Reserves and Resources Estimation

    Reserves and Resources Estimation

    7th July 2016

    Gaffney, Cline & Associates (GCA) is a global consultancy that has been offering technical, commercial, and strategic advice to the oil and gas sector for more than 50 years. GCA is well known as one of the leading suppliers of Reserves and Resources assessments, which are required for many purposes including statutory reporting, stock exchange listing, development planning,project finance, and asset valuation.  GCA has undertaken many thousands of Reserves and Resources assessments covering all types of reservoirs and hydrocarbons and all the world's major petroleum basins.  To illustrate the breadth and depth of GCA's work, brief summaries of some projects recently undertaken by GCA have been provided in the following pages.

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  • Experts in the Caspian

    Experts in the Caspian

    1st May 2016

    GCA has been working in the Caspian region since the very early 1990s.  During that period the company has completed some 400 separate projects within the Caspian areas comprising Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.  These projects have involved a very wide range of scope, including field development planning and implementation, asset acquisition, pipelines and export routes, refinery and gas processing plant audits, government strategy, dispute assistance and, a wide range of oil and gas Reserve/Resource audits and evaluations.  GCA has maintained an office in Kazakhstan for over ten years, and a representative in Turkmenistan.

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  • Experts in Kazakhstan

    Experts in Kazakhstan

    1st May 2016

    GCA has provided the above consulting in Kazakhstan continuously since 1991, and has maintained an office in Almaty since 2002.  Since that time, GCA has completed close to 200 projects in the country for over 70 different clients.  These clients range from small exploration start ups to major oil companies, NOC's and the Government.  The projects completed over the past ten years have been similarly varied in nature; including Independent Reserve opinions, Asset Valuations for acquisition, Exploration studies, Field Development Plans, Gas Utilisation studies, Pipeline Export studies, Independent Expert for Arbitrations and a wide range of other assistance.

    To download this brochure as a PDF please click here or in the sidebar below (343KB).

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  • A New Cold War in International Gas Markets

    A New Cold War in International Gas Markets

    12th June 2014

    Rising tensions in Eastern Europe emanating from Russian geopolitical ambitions in Ukraine have shaken NATO strategists into an urgent review of security on its eastern frontier.  However an equally significant competitive issue between the two sides is developing in the international gas market. While Western Europe must address its undue dependence on a potentially hostile Russia, massive increases in LNG exports from North America, Australia and the Gulf States over the next ten years will double supply capacity and, with echoes of earlier Cold War rivalry, create serious competition for Russia and its Caspian region neighbours in international gas markets.  

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