13th April 2016

Recent advances in geocellular modelling often overlook the importance of fundamental geological concepts; environment of deposition and process, facies, reservoir architecture, net to gross, and how each of these components are appropriately represented in the geocellular model. 

This course does ot rely on the prior knowledge or understanding of any particular modelling software.  Instead the course aims to explain the importance of these fundamental concepts and teh optimal method of integrating and translating basic geological concepts into a geocellular model. 

GCA will present Case Studies to demonstrate the outcome of different approaches to assessing reservoir volumes, connectivity and how these assumptions affect management decisions.

The attendees will be guided through the importance of all datasets and the process of integrating geological, petrophysical, geophysical, production data and analogue models.  The attendee will leave with an understanding of the relative importance of each dataset and how each influences different aspects of reservoir architecture and flow behaviour.

Read the course summary below or download a copy here

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